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I am happy that you are here! My name is Stacey and it is my pleasure to share with you how Sweetie's Closet got started!

Summer 2014 was one of the most transforming times of my life. I had become complacent, I was working at the same place for over a decade, and kind of just coasting through life. That all changed on July 29, 2014. I woke up that morning feeling great! I still remember walking to work singing and saying "Today is the best day of my life", but arrived to find that my comfortable job was no longer mine.

Most people choose to leave their comfort zone, they make a choice to let go of fear and go for what they want. That was not the case for me. I was pushed out of mine. I must admit that day is still a blur, but I do remember waking up the next day again singing "Today is the best day of my life".

For years I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up (at 34 I still had no idea). Then, in the midst of my turmoil it hit me, it was time to start my own business! 

I began throwing around names for a business and decided on "We Sell Stuff 2", creative right?! I set up emails and websites with this business name, but within a day or so, I realized something was missing.

Yes, I wanted to "sell stuff" and lots of it, but I also knew that I needed my business name to mean something. I needed to feel connected to it on a deeper level. I wanted to honor my mother, the person that showed me what entrepreneurship was all about. But how could I honor her? Should I use her name, initials, or favorite phrase?

After a few scribbles on my notepad, it finally hit me, Sweetie's Closet!!

It was kind of like the scene from the Lion King, I wanted to hold the notepad in the air and declare it from the mountaintop but decided that a status on facebook was good enough!

'Sweetie' was the nickname given to my mom by the nurses at the hospital when she was born. Growing up it was very rare to hear anyone call her by her real name. Sweetie had become her name and now I get to honor her with Sweetie's Closet.  

In 2002, my mom passed away after battling breast cancer for the 2nd time.

She was beautiful, confident, and strong! She always believed that owning a business was one of the best ways to achieve the American Dream. In the 90s she started her own Nanny Placement Agency in NYC. I have no doubt that her company would be a nationwide agency if she were still here. 

I am confident that with her spiritual guidance, I will be able to pick up where she left off and make Sweetie's Closet a household name.

A portion of all profits from this store will go towards Sweetie's Scholars. Sweetie's Scholars is a scholarship fund for students pursuing degrees in entrepreneurial studies. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

Happy Shopping!



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